Don’t Tell Me This Makes Us Safe

What do you say when your actions make no sense whatsoever?

“Sorry, this is standard operating procedure.”

This phrase provides cover for thousands of spineless lemmings whose only motivation for participating in semi-productive work is to collect a paycheck. Look at the video below. Notice the person wearing the TSA uniform? She doesn’t care–as long as the direct pay deposit clears twice a month. Our government is brimming with entrenched mediocrity.

What have we done? What have we sacrificed under the auspices of making our country safe? Please, tell me how this uniformed agent has positively contributed to these United States with her actions in this video. (Also, be sure to turn-up the volume and listen to what she says. In a courtroom, this is called “grooming behavior.”)

I suppose we don’t care. The priorities of this country don’t support it.

College kids across the nation protest regularly about rising tuition and professor tardiness.

Millions sit at home pining about the potential loss of the upcoming NFL season.

Wisconsin government workers swarm the state capitol to fight the abolition of their union.

Towns across the US rally in dense human clusters to celebrate when their hometown sports team wins a prestigous trophy.

Each year, hoards of protesters descend on our nation’s capitol for a variety of reasons. Most have no idea what it’s about. They’re just there for the party.

New Coke dies because of the overwhelming gnashing of teeth from dedicated sugary-drink fans.

An absolutely horrid teenie-bopper song called “Friday” gets over 101 million views on YouTube.

Yet, this video gets less than a million passive voyeurs, who largely forget the scene on their way to get a frappuccino. Shame on me. Shame on you.

Where is my country? Or, do I even have one anymore?

Please, someone tell me how the actions in this video keep us safe. Tell me how this keeps terrorists at bay. Tell me how this is reasonable. Tell me why we should suffer such actions by a non-elected, appointed branch of the federal government. Go ahead. The floor is yours.