Marine Major Thompson goes full Leeroy Jenkins

Drudging up the old Leeroy Jenkins meme is the only way to fairly describe what Marine Major Mark Thompson has done to himself.

First, some background on Major Thompson, which I hopefully can quickly and accurately distill. If not, check out the great coverage over at CAAFLog. While assigned as an instructor at the Naval Academy, he was accused of sexual assault but only found guilty of lesser included offenses. This stemmed from conduct involving female cadets. He was sentenced the forfeit a lot of pay and spend a few weeks in jail. He then continued his career, presumably to retire in a few years, probably at the grade of O-3. That’s the old news part of this.

That moves us to newer news. Still pissed off about being tried and convicted, he decides to go to the Washington Post, where he gives the mother of all bad interviews, including (allegedly) admitting that he lied about text messages during an administrative hearing. His commander, not thrilled about this new revelation, prefers new court-martial charges against Major Thompson.

Now we’re at the newest news. WaPo released the tape, and it leaves little to the imagination.

Having reviewed the transcript, it appears that Major Thompson went full Leeroy Jenkins. For those not in the know, Leeroy Jenkins is a relatively old internet meme, referencing something that happened several years ago in the video game World of Warcraft. I learned of this by listening to the Dan LeBatard show, where they use Leeroy to describe sports figures who go completely rogue during a team sports. The original meme shows a group of Warcraft guys huddled and talking deliberately about strategy. Leeroy Jenkins suddenly shouts something to the effect of “Let’s do this………..Leeeeeeeroy Jeeeeenkins” and charges into the battle, killing himself and all of his friends.

So, back to Major Thompson.

I can only imagine the discussion he had with attorneys, close advisors, and family.

Friend: Mark, I think we should just let it go. Nothing else to do. Forget the Washington Post.

Lawyer: Yeah, Mark, I think we should just focus on getting you to retirement.

Family Member: We love you, and this needs to just be put behind you. It’s unhealthy to be so immersed in negative thoughts.

Colleague: I’m with them, Mark. The court-martial wasn’t good, but it could have been worse. Count your blessings and move forward. You have our full support as…