Adventures in Potential Clients, 6 January 2015

Picture, if you will…

A conversation just occurred (in reality, it happened months (and perhaps years) ago) in which I gleaned the most important aspects of the potential case: the general issues presented, proper venue, and time/travel/expenses necessary to effect representation. Fees are explained, including fees for consultations. 15 minutes have been spent on the phone.

Potential Client: But, don’t you want to know more about my case?

Me: You already told me everything I need at this point. I know the gist of your case and what we generally need to do. If you’d like a consultation, I’d be happy to arrange the paperwork and payment methods.

Potential Client: But, can I talk to you more about it?

Me: If we have a signed representation or consultation agreement and settle payment, we can talk at length about all the details. Plus, I will ensure the consultation occurs on my schedule when enough time exists for a thorough discussion of your case.

Potential Client: But, what about now?

Me: This isn’t a good time. I assume you want to think a bit more about whether you want to hire counsel.

Potential Client: I want to talk to you about my case.

Me: I don’t think I’m the right lawyer for you.


One thought on “Adventures in Potential Clients, 6 January 2015

  1. This is why I don’t answer my phone for numbers I don’t recognize and my outgoing message asks people to send me an email. My usual response to these emails is, “Would you like to schedule a consultation? My rate is $XXX.” I had one woman who was very upset that she couldn’t have a conversation with me for free. That was a clear sign that I wasn’t the lawyer for her.

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