The most awesome thing in the history of ever

You’re alive at the most awesome, amazing, inspiring time in the history of the universe. Ever.

How do you know?


Toilet paper roll holder, plus

iPad stand, plus


Mankind has finally done it. We’re there. Pat yourselves on the back. Then, buy your Biffy BUTTLER here for the low price of $119.95.

Screenshot 2014-03-19 22.06.53

2 thoughts on “The most awesome thing in the history of ever

  1. Congratulations to the inventor, who presumably was able in pre-release testing to accomplish the necessary acrobatic one-hand-to-spray-and-one-hand-to-scrub technique while perched like a bird on the toilet seat, without toppling the stand, breaking his iPad and leaving a sodden mess of tp on the floor! The man who can do it while performing a cossack dance will get 20 million hits on his viral youtube video.

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