In which I realize the shortcomings of my marketing plan.

So, I looks up this guy because he is being sued by Judge Judy. I heard that the suit involves his using her image for promotional purposes. I was curious, as it was making headlines today.

I wasn’t expecting what I found. However, most of you probably already saw this, as I’m usually the last one to find such things.

Now, having seen this video, I suspect Judge Judy is just miffed at not being asked to be a Haymond Girl.

I also realize that lawyer marketing knows no bounds. None. At all.


Update. Video below added in response to Turk and Tannebaum’s comments.


Update 2. Oh for crying out loud.


Update 3. No more updates after this. You can search youtube just as easily as me.



13 thoughts on “In which I realize the shortcomings of my marketing plan.

    • Are you volunteering to test this possibility?

      Wasn’t there a Hooters lawsuit that addressed this?

      You know what, just refer to the update I posted, above.

      • Considering that this inspires me to create the Unwashed Advocettes, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

        I hear Brian has the legs for it.

      • I thought of how to appropriately respond to that. This is all that came to mind:

        Tannebaum : Unwashed Advocate :: Snooki : Jersey Shore

  1. I hope you are all enjoying making fun of the Haymond girls just because they have big boobies, but children look to them as role models, and they love working with children. What about the children?

      • Children, as well as the Haymond girls, are our future.

        The future, as I understand it, is to make sure our children don’t become one of the Haymond girls.

      • Are you trying to say you have a problem with Haymond girls? Think of all the lawyers you know today who started their careers as a Haymond girls.

        Everyone has to start somewhere.

  2. They all seem like highly qualified paralegals. They’re likely the key to his ability to provide quality representation to his dog-bite-slip-and-fall-motorcycle-accident clients.

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