Azimuth Check: Polar Vortex!

A few things that enter my mind on a cold Tuesday during the dreaded polar vortex of 2014.

— I resolved to never visit the creationism museum, but I’d make an exception if I could score some scalped tickets to this.

— Since becoming involved with the US Armed Forces more than 20 years ago, I’ve heard many argue for an end to the Marine Corps (assimilated into the Army as a series of “Marine” or “Amphibious” divisions). However, this is the first I’ve read about an end to the Air Force. Is it time to return to the days of the War Department and the Department of the Navy? How will people who can’t swim or perform pushups serve in the armed forces? (just kidding, JMo)

— With great anticipation, the National Journal previews the upcoming senatorial catfight. US military men wait nervously to see which one wins–the seasoned prosecutor who wants to hold commanders accountable or the former biglaw bigwig who wants to make emasculation a mandatory condition for all male service members.

— Why does Popeye’s “spicy” chicken always seem spicier on the way out than it does on the way in?

— I really need to finish the second post on my series calling for a national conversation about the Voodoo Punanny Defense.

— Military same-sex spouses, rejoice! You’re well on your way to being as miserable as those of us who tried to warn you of the perils of marriage. On a more serious note, this is a huge move for the Department of Defense, and hopefully one that will provide more stability and peace of mind for all military families.

— Congratulations to Lieutenant Alonzo Cushing, who was selected to receive the Medal of Honor a mere 150 years after he gave his life at Gettysburg.


5 thoughts on “Azimuth Check: Polar Vortex!

  1. That article about abolishing the Air Force was impressively bad — you must just be trying to get my ire up. If my fingers weren’t so numb from practicing the flexed-arm hang I’d give you what for.

    • Just because it lacked authority, was stylistically disjointed, and lacked concrete support for any of its assertions does not mean its a bad article, does it?

      • From his bio at university of Kentucky I’d hazard a guess that he’s not really anti-Air Force so much as he is pro-Navy.

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