Just a few fantastic google searches that will take you to our gilded doorstep.incoming

i want to be a second lieutenant what are the reason – Come back once you iron-out that grammar thing.

i want to be a second letieutenent what are the reason – Spelling, too.

unwashed balls – Fine, if kept in private. Certain religions make exceptions to this rule.

shitlaw – That’s us!

can a military conviction follow you in civian – Laws of civian strictly prohibit it.

can you get into college with a military discharge – All except UC Berkeley.

is it proper to refer to yourself as esquire if you are an attorney – Only if you want no friends.

google guys rasslin – If I get a ticket for this event, I’ll send it to you. I’m not interested.

do men like polished shoes – Real ones, yes.

when your accused in the military, your punished as your guilty – Is that what your lawyer told you?

what is avvo – Nothing worth your time.

yodle sucks – Yep.

what is it like to be second lieutenant military – Have you ever read Kafka?

should I put esq on my business cards – As long as you don’t plan to hand them out.

alexis neely reviews – Do we have a story to tell you

do men like unwashed women – One of my college roommates had this thing for… know, let’s just move on to the next one.

george zimmerman verdict appeal – I’ve already been chastised for making fun of those who slept through high school civics. Don’t make me get chastised again.

waiving your adsep board – Stupid, stupid, stupid.

unwashed sex – OK, you have our attention.