La Legión Americana Te Necesita

I found this as an ad on a military news website the other day.

Is the American Legion facing diversity problems? Given this advertising effort, apparently so.



4 thoughts on “La Legión Americana Te Necesita

    • Are you trying to say that young people don’t like to hang out and have a few drinks in a windowless, smoke-filled building at 11AM on a Tuesday?

      • Probably not. But if they said, “Young people, think it’s too expensive to drink and dine at the Legion Hall? Wrong. $2.50 gets you all the 7 & 7 and servings of Edith’s mac and cheese you can stomach” they might get a better showing. Then again, maybe not for that either.

      • This summer, my son (63) attended the American Legion Boy’s State. I asked him questions about the event. One line of questioning was this:

        Me: Did you get to meet a lot of veterans who are members of the American Legion?

        63: The old guys with the funny hats?

        Me: (Sigh) Yes, the old guys with the hats.

        63: No. They just sat outside and smoked cigarettes.

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