Popehat University

Even after earning over 7000 frequent flier miles on college visits, I still don’t understand the thought process of my college-bound senior, #63. During each college-related conversation, I seek to understand things a bit more, but they only serve to confuse me further. The latest:

#63 walks down the stairs, a rare exit from his lair. I do enjoy the occasional sighting of the elusive #63.

#63: Which college did that Popehat guy attend?

Me: Leland Stanford Junior University.

(I enjoy referring to Stanford by its full name. I’m annoying that way. He winces.)

#63: OK, how about the Simply Justice dude?

Me: SIMPLE Justice. He went to Cornell.

#63: The Texas guy?

Me: Rice.

#63: Did any of your lawyer friends attend Northwestern?

Me: No. Why?

(Without answering, he walks back upstairs.)


2 thoughts on “Popehat University

    • Perhaps. But the alma mater of the Coca-Cola CEO was never considered. Interestingly, that would be the University of Hull. No relation to the disco king, so far as I know.

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