Showing the military how it is done. Final Update.

The saga with Lt Col Jeffrey Krusinski is finally over. How? That’s a fair question. However, let me quote, for the third time, a statement by Ms. Petula Dvorak. She made it when the allegations against Krusinski surfaced and civilian authorities retained jurisdiction.

Hey, Pentagon commanders: Look beyond that 395 freeway on-ramp, just past the McDonald’s and Macy’s, and see how allegations of sexual assault ought to be dealt with. Like a potential crime.

After the initial charges, things changed further. We talked about it here.

That brings us to yesterday. Via the Washington Post:

An Air Force colonel accused of assaulting a young woman outside a Crystal City bar this past spring has been acquitted by an Arlington jury.

Lt. Col. Jeffrey Krusinski, 42, was head of the Air Force’s sexual assault prevention branch when he was arrested after the May encounter outside a Crystal City bar. The incident was swept up in an ongoing debate over whether the military is equipped to handle sexual assaults among its ranks.

Well, there you go. Done and done.

Hey, Ms. Dvorak: Look beyond that 395 freeway on-ramp, just past the McDonald’s and Macy’s, and see how allegations of sexual assault ought to be death with. With calm heads and respect for the rule of law, regardless of how loudly you bloviate.


8 thoughts on “Showing the military how it is done. Final Update.

    1. Assuming he always had a longing for fame and fortune, he’s got the former in spades. He is now a cautionary tale, punchline, teachable vignette, and bastion of acceptance all in one.

  1. Sorry – I just can’t help but see the collateral consequences of this case. He may have been acquitted but his life will never be the same… particularly in the military.

    It truly is shocking that the he was acquitted with the way the “facts” were portrayed by the media. But as we well know, there’s likely much more that played out in the courtroom.

    1. Oh, the collateral consequences may be greater than most cases we’ve ever seen, but those will come at the hands of the Air Force, who Ms. Dvorak chided as being soft.

      I was also alluding to it when I mentioned him gaining oodles of fame. He is done, and his actions, while not criminal in the eyes of Arlington jurors, can certainly be seen as of a nature to bring discredit to the armed forces and unbecoming.

      Most dangerous scenario: creative JAGs and a motivated command.

      Least dangerous scenario: lazy JAGs and a command that just wants this all to go away.

      On which would you bet?

      I think he will be extremely (astronomically) lucky to escape this with a pension.

      1. I don’t know. He was acquitted. At O5 (though the AF promotes faster than the Army), he’s likely vested. If I had to bet, it would be a GOMOR and an invitation to retire (or face elimination).

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