Undeniable Hope for the University of Kansas Football Program

Kansas fans (like myself) need to start looking on the bright side, and today’s Mizzou game, ironically, might provide a bit of the hope we need. In 4 easy steps, Kansas will make a logical change that catapults the program to national success and sustained excellence.

Step 1: Today, Mizzou beat Georgia. This may be the push Georgia fans have sought to eject Mark Richt from Athens. After all, they’ve been looking for a halfway-decent excuse for the last few years.

Step 2: Georgia and Mark Richt part ways at the end of the season. Though gracious in his exit, Richt makes it no secret that he’d like to land on his feet with a BCS-conference school and another chance to prove himself as a top-flite football coach.

Step 3: Kansas parts ways with Charlie Weis.

Step 4: Kansas Athletic Director Sheahon Zenger finds the “right coach at the right time” when he lures Rich Kotite out of retirement to take the helm at Kansas.


3 thoughts on “Undeniable Hope for the University of Kansas Football Program

  1. I’m picking up what your putting down.
    I don’t know if we can afford to part ways with Weis too soon, and I kinda think we should give him one more season to see what can be done, but it would be foolish to ignore a coach of the caliber like Richt.

    I just want this curse to be over.

    I’m ready for basketball.

  2. Ha, exactly, this program has to be cursed. I don’t understand how a team can be so consistently bad over such a long period of time.

    I wish more than anything we could be at an Iowa State level of competitiveness. Is that so much to ask for?

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