Military in Film: Hall of Dishonor

Whenever the military is portrayed in film, I prepare to cringe. Today, it was decided that you should share in these cringeworthy moments. You know, the ones where some guy in a ponytail is sold as a member of a Special Forces team or anything having to do with the movie “A Few Good Men.”

Let’s begin 30 years ago in the movie “War Games,” with this skilled portrayal of an Air Force Security Policeman at NORAD. Wearing white gloves, ascot, Class-A uniform, utility belt, and pizza-man beret, this is a look that screams “Aim High!” Who knew that guarding NORAD was such a formal endeavor.

Screen Shot 2013-09-20 at 1.09.56 PM


3 thoughts on “Military in Film: Hall of Dishonor

    • Upon consulting with one of my most trusted friends, I discovered that the ascot, white gloves, beret, etc. are actually part of the official uniform at the big strategic command centers for the Air Force. They are unabashedly fancy-schmancy with their guards.

      The same friend declined comment when I asked about this actor’s mustache and haircut.

  1. A link the a video about the SAC elite guard and their uniform. The mustache and haircut don’t seem to be a part of the uniform … perhaps he’s trying to make up for not having the cool cross-draw revolver.

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