Incoming! Zimmerman Query

Looking at the incoming search terms used to reach UA via the googles, I found this gem:

Has the Zimmerman case reached the Supreme Court yet?

Gosh, does any lawyer out there know the answer to this question? I’ll refrain from mentioning my belief that not enough people stay awake during high school civics, since that upsets some people.


3 thoughts on “Incoming! Zimmerman Query

  1. So, has it reached the Supreme Court yet? Sandy wants to know, but she won’t comment here anymore because you are very mean. She also mumbled something hospital corners, but I couldn’t quite figure out what she was talking about.

  2. Of course not. The Government called a “redo” based on the venerable legal principle of “est iniustus” (“it is unfair”) so they’re going back to the trial court. I think this time, the Government’s theory of the case will be “mendax mendax tuum braccare flagare”.

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