Showing the Military How It Is Done……an Update

Remember the Air Force Lieutenant Colonel whose position as a sexual assault prevention bigwig made him the subject of numerous headlines when he was accused of sexual assault? You may have forgotten. Let me give you an update via Stars and Stripes.

The Air Force sexual assault prevention administrator accused of groping a woman in a public parking lot won’t be charged with sexual battery after all, but still faces potential jail time over the incident.

Lt. Col. Jeffrey Krusinski, whose arrest in May became a rallying point for critics of how the military handles sexual assault cases, now faces assault and battery charges. He was accused of approaching a woman in a parking lot and grabbing her breasts and buttocks, according to the crime report.

The charges carry essentially the same penalties as the previous ones — from steep fines to a year in prison — but don’t require the same proof of lewd behavior or intent.

Krusinski, 41, appeared Thursday in Arlington County Court for the legal moves. He ignored the 20-plus media members gathered for the event and did not speak during his minute-long appearance before the court.

Prosecutors said only that the new charges were more appropriate for the crime. Defense attorney Barry Coburn, while still insisting that Krusinski is innocent, agreed with the move.

“Charging decisions such as this one must be based on the facts and the law … not on politics or the desire to have a ‘teachable moment’ concerning issues such as sexual abuse in the military,” he said in a statement.

Funny, this charging decision is not receiving the same attention as his initial arrest. From what was said a few months ago, I thought we were going to resurrect death by guillotine to set a memorable and satisfying new standard.

So, this reminds me. Didn’t someone woof about how the civilian courts were going to show the military how real justice is delivered. Oh yeah. Petula Dvorak said this.

Hey, Pentagon commanders: Look beyond that 395 freeway on-ramp, just past the McDonald’s and Macy’s, and see how allegations of sexual assault ought to be dealt with. Like a potential crime.

Don’t get me wrong, Ms. Dvorak, I appreciate how those folks past McDonald’s and Macy’s are showing us that facts and laws must be respected and used logically despite political and social pressure to do otherwise. That’s fantastic. I’m sure that is what you meant when writing that o-so-calm-and-collected editorial. Right?

This gives me a chance to trot-out my all-time favorite poster, just for Ms. Dvorak. You’re welcome.