As Part of Our Defense…….an Op-Ed Written by Me

Somebody, anybody, please tell me how this helps further the defense case. I’m honestly open to any suggestions. Frankly, I fail to see where it is helpful in the presentation of a clear, coherent, and effective defense.

Let me see if I get this straight. Attack the alleged victim’s story? Check. Poke holes in the government’s case? No problem. Fight to exclude as much evidence as possible that is harmful to my client? Yep, gotcha.

Pen an Op-Ed in a major news source that argues the strategic merit of criminal law and policy, using my client’s case as fuel for my fire? I’m not seeing the benefit.

Of course, I’m sure he knows this better than I. After all, he does go to the trouble of stating his qualifications as a former federal prosecutor.

However, I’m open to suggestions or theories.

The article is found here.


One thought on “As Part of Our Defense…….an Op-Ed Written by Me

  1. Maybe he was hoping that the article would get picked up by the Early Bird, read by all general officers and then he’d end up with a panel of O6s. He failed though — didn’t make the cut for the Early Bird.

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