Officer AJ Ross = Buford T. Justice

It would be a dream to cross examine Officer AJ Ross, champion of protecting the innocent and our liberties.

Evidently, this occurred in Murfreesboro, TN. If you don’t comply, or if you know your rights, there is a price to pay for buckin’ authoritah. Kudos for the kid for knowing his rights, even at the cost of time, scratches in the clearcoat of his car, a bit of humiliation, and intimidation. Oh, and the wherewithal to push “record” on his electronic video device.

Smile, Officer AJ Ross (and your cronies). You’re on candid camera.

13 thoughts on “Officer AJ Ross = Buford T. Justice

      • What kind of criminal defense lawyer is that. Raybin wrote no books. What law says you have to roll your window all the way down. None. But you do need a warrant to do a search and seizure. You dont have to do ANYTHING an officer asks you. Somethings you’ll have to do if they demand. When he asked if he was being detained.. The officer, by law, has to say yes.. or no and let him go. This was illegal.

  1. I think there is a violation of Federal Civil Rights charge here followed by a large Federal Civil suit for punitive damages. More than a small claims case for a paint job!

  2. VA state police did this a couple years ago on 295 in Hanover county and got sued in 4th circuit for $20 million. Beyotches settled for undisclosed amount.

  3. I do not agree. #1: This was a posted Checkpoint. This kid chose (ahead of time by way of video) to possibly be checked. That is what check point means. Randomly they can pull y ou over, and CHECK to see if you are drunk. Don’t want to comply, DO NOT go down this road. #2, it IS INDEED the right of the officer to ask for ID, ask for age, ask if you have been drinking, etc. Not rolling down his window was his first act of defiance. The dog didn’t really find anything, but regardless they have a right to search your vehicle if you have already shown suspicious behavior. Which this kid did by refusing to comply with earlier requests. #3: this video has been edited and words put on the screen do not necessarily mean that is what actually was said in the muffled background. #4: just because this kid posted that he didn’t have to show ID, roll down his window, get out or what not, doesn’t mean he is right. The officer could have used better judgement, but there is nothing illegal going on.

    • Submitting to a checkpoint is not a waiver of rights. He complied with everything he is legally required to do. Finally, the assertion of constitutionally protected rights is not grounds for police to establish any level of proof against someone to substantiate a search. Was he being an ass? Perhaps. What matters is that he was being a constitutionally protected ass.

      Don’t believe me? Give the Westboro Baptist Church a ring.

    • I cannot believe you actually wrote what you did. “The officer could have used better judgement” you got that right. He has the gun. He is paid to PROTECT our rights….not make unnecessary demands. The driver was merely asserting his rights. The driver NEVER lost his cool. The ‘policeman’ did. How dare you make any claims against the driver. He did NOTHING wrong. He followed the law. The cop was the bully. He’s going to be fired. In fact, so many calls have come into the police department that AJ Ross removed his FB page, the police department removed their own FB page and a single person has been assigned to answer all the complaints. The cop was a parasite….and you have the stones to actually defend him. I truly hope you meet with a cop that violates your rights. I’d watch and eat popcorn.

  4. My father was a cop in Tenneesee, not far from Murfreesboro, for 27 and 1/2 years. For a while, I was an Explorer (a junior cop, sort of a bring your kid to work twice a month program). My dad always told me that half of the job was to PROTECT people, sometimes that even meant protecting them from the law. (for example, an 85 year old lady was caught shoplifting food from a grocery store. Instead of taking her to jail he took her to the salvation army where they fed her and got her paperwork started for public assistance). He always warned me about guys like this. Our department called them Cowboys, and they were mocked mercilessly by the other cops. They never lasted too long, thankfully, but now at least I know where they went, and can avoid that part of the state! For the record, I became a teacher instead. It is a hard job, but Cowboys only make it harder, on EVERYBODY.

  5. A. J. Ross and his colleagues need the chit kicked out of them. You getting me boy? Now, GTF out of your car and sit your fat ugly wife right over there Mr. Ross. Now, who is it you think you are? You, don’t you move. Bob, bring in the dogs and let’s start on the hood of this tax payer financed caddy of A.J. Asshat.

    Madam, don’t you move. Ms. Ross, we’ll be done with your Husband shortly…..Madam! Sit back down on the curb or you will be tazed. Okay Dokey….ZZZZZzzzzzzz! Pow!

    Think not Mr. Ross? Our firm is on its way to Tennessee Sir as many are. We need to confirm this is you and your colleagues once they are identified. Non-negotiable soon to be Officer Puddles.

  6. This is the same Bulldog that pulled me over after tailing me for 2 .5 miles and pulled me over after I pulled into my neighborhood, claimed that he pulled me over for entering the turning lane too early (a mile before he pulled me over). He gave me the embarrasing field sobriety test…in front of his bright headlights and his flashing blues while many of my neighbors were driving by. He then asked me if I would allow a blood test to be administered (which I refused). As a result, he charged me with a DUI. After several court appearances and a couple thousand dollars spent, the DUI was reduced to reckless endangerment. I was put on probation and had to pay probation fees to the probation office (which is said to be a financial interest of the judge’s). In my opinion, it’s nothing but a revenue generator for those in political office. I’m very glad that these gestapo tactics were caught on video and shared because this officer was very intimidating and should acknowledge that ‘To protect and serve’ should be their primary responsibility.

  7. I understand the visceral, emotional response people have to this video. But let’s get real. A DUI checkpoint is not a courtroom, much less a stage on which to act out one’s libertarian fantasies for posting to YouTube. There is no “constitutional right” to engage in constitutional debates with police officers. The officer has a job to do. Sadly, one of his responsibilities is to keep his cool when narcissistic attention-seeking brats like this one show up and deliberately pick fights with him, and he didn’t do a great job of doing that. But the cop committed no crime and any “damages” suffered by this driver are negligible (and laughable, and his own fault).

    If it’s true that the officer’s search was unconstitutional, that’s what the pretrial suppression hearing process is all about, when the 4th Amendment IS a proper topic for debate. It was inappropriate, rude, and a waste of taxpayer resources for the driver to behave this way.

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