Leo’s Donuts: Setting the Bar at ∞

I already raved about Leo’s Donuts in Radcliff, Kentucky. They are the best. I spend my disposable income there. The proof is my body-fat percentage.

On Friday, they set the bar even higher.

Picture, if you will, a small-town donut shop experiencing late-morning doldrums after the breakfast rush.

I enter and look at the case. The maple bacon donuts are gone. I sigh and say “It looks like I missed your morning batch of maple bacon donuts. Bummer.”

The lovely employee at the counter replied “I can make you a couple right now.”

I had no words. I merely nodded my head and wept softly.


2 thoughts on “Leo’s Donuts: Setting the Bar at ∞

  1. Hmm. My summer road trip this year will probably include a swing through eastern Kentucky and Louisville, and Google tells me a trip to Leo’s for maple bacon donuts will add only 1 hour and 20 minutes of driving time…must contemplate further…

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