Kansas Pride! (Updated)

Being from Kansas, I must derive pride in my home-state in ways that differ from other states.

Regularly, I am saddened and embarrassed by the behavior and decisions of Kansas politicians. The opposite of this, of course, is that I derive pride in the fact that certain badly-behaved politicians are not from Kansas. Therefore, I make the following proud and joyous declarations.

Dennis Johnson is not from Kansas! Never mind that he said something that I heard regularly throughout my childhood. That doesn’t matter. What matters now is that he is not from Kansas.

Nate Bell is not from Kansas! Sure, he said something that probably inspired many nods of approval in cafes and barber shops across my red state, but the most important fact right now is that he is not from Kansas.

UPDATED: Lindsey Graham is not from Kansas! Sure, he (mis)understands the US Constitution as well as those with a Kansas public school education, but he’s not. Score another point for the Land of Dirt.

There you go. I’m as proud as a peacock, for today at least.

Frankly, anything that causes me to momentarily forget the 80s Kansas tourism slogan is a good thing:

“Kansas, The Land of Ahhhhs.”


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