Email Signatures

Conversation with one of my past clients today (scrubbed to, of course, remove any protected or identifying information):

C: Why do you always sign your emails with “Very truly yours?”

Me: It is an automated signature that I created when I started my practice.

C: That’s not really you.

Me: So, what should it be?

C: Something like “fuck off” fits your personality a bit better.


8 thoughts on “Email Signatures

  1. I have a friend who says that he never flips the bird to a driver who cuts him off in traffic. Instead, he blows them a kiss. Evidently this bit of kindness can be very infuriating in certain situations. Very Truly Yours.

  2. At a former firm, including the signature:

    “Thanking you for courtesies extended, past and present, I remain,

    was code that alerted the secretarial staff to a truly troublesome opposing counsel or party. They would flag the file so that everyone knew what kind of person we were dealing with.

    1. Hey Mark, did you realize that your comment was the 1,111th on UA? How cool is that? Infamy is yours.

      Because of this, you get absolutely nothing, except the aforementioned infamy.

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