Sunday Jumpstart

Just a bit of a Jumpstart before we get this week going…

One thing I’ve noticed about this whole Internet thing is that, whenever you take a bit of a breather just to sit back and enjoy life for a few days or weeks, there’s always someone quick to tell you how evil you are for doing so.

Suppose you take a trip to Jamaica, at one of those all-inclusive dealies. Someone will tell you how much of a jerk you are for exploiting the people of that Caribbean island.

Or, suppose you take your hard-earned coin and purchase a luxury automobile. Someone will tell you how stupid the purchase was and how their Mazda takes them everywhere they need to go.

Or, suppose you just sit at home vegging for a few days. Someone will tsk at how you aren’t getting off your ass to help humanity at a soup kitchen or something.

The moral? As soon as you realize you can never win, you’ll feel like a winner.


2 thoughts on “Sunday Jumpstart

  1. Honestly, I sometimes wonder why you’re doing this…you’re the sanest part of the internet, though, so soldier on, please.

    • To be honest with you, I made a resolution on January 1, 2012 and again on January 1, 2013 to send this blog to the dustbin.

      Obviously, the 2012 resolution failed miserably. We won’t know about the 2013 one until the end of the year. While I appreciate your support and attention, I continuously ask myself why I’m doing this. I suppose that, since I do so much professional (or legal) writing, I’m looking for an outlet to write semi-creatively and start sentences with “but.”

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