Weekly Potential Client Hubris

The first statement is strong, and stands alone:

“Look, guy, I have questions, and  it’s against the law for you to not answer my calls.”

I hope he calls 911 to report me to the proper authorities.

The next statement needs a bit of explanation. When we are particularly busy on a case or project, our answering service allows us to screen voicemails while they are left and even listen to a bit of the chatter BEFORE the beep prompting a particular caller to begin a message. Listening to what is said prior to the beep can be very illuminating.

A recent call went something like this:

(potential client apparently talking to his wife or significant other prior to the tone) “This motherfucker better answer my questions. Some broad there wrote me back and…BEEP…Yes, my name is (name), and I’m looking for a lawyer for my case. If you could give me a call back, that would be great. My number is (number). Thank you so much.”

I won’t be returning the call, but my paralegal thoroughly enjoyed being called a “broad.”


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