Uncensored, Raw UA Quotes

Via recent calls with potential clients:

“I have a few questions, the first is……please just leave a message on my voicemail with the answers.”

“I don’t understand why lawyers cost so much when I can just get what I need off the internet.”

Today was yet another reminder why Scotch is my friend.


4 thoughts on “Uncensored, Raw UA Quotes

  1. My day today wasn’t quite that bad. I had someone call to make a last-minute appointment, and then not show. Pretty standard behavior lately. I am wondering why I even bother making appointments with people. I feel like just telling them, “Well, why don’t you come on down. If I’m here when you get here, I’ll talk to you. Otherwise, you can try another day.”

    The second thing is similar to what you get: people calling and wanting free advice. I’ve never had anyone use the Internet excuse, but I strongly suspect my reply would be, “Well, it’s good that you have a computer then, right?” And then I’d hang up.

    • Don’t torture yourself with the appointment thing. Let them know what days you aren’t out of the office along with your hours, and they can come by and wait a few minutes for you to have a moment. Then, if they become clients, you can give them the prestige, deluxe, SuperRick treatment with special appointment times.

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