A Badge for Turk

I promised Eric Turkewitz something for being the 1,000th commenter at UA.

He requested a badge.

What Turk wants, Turk gets.

UA Preeminent


8 thoughts on “A Badge for Turk

    • I figured as much. The official presentation is in July in front of a packed house at Radio City Music Hall.

      If you ever receive one (don’t hold your breath), the ceremony will be on a Tuesday night, 11:30PM, at Miami Marine Stadium.

  1. I just want you to know, in all seriousness, that I am so proud of my award I’ve added it to my Avvo profile.

    • I’m waiting with great anticipation to see how it effects your overall score. I’ve long asserted that reading UA helps to improve both length and girth. This may be just the proof I need.

  2. Nobody told me the winner got a badge. Now I’m jealous of Turk because he’s special. Thank god I still have Tannebaum to look down on.

  3. Sometimes youse guys crack me up in your displays of comedic ability. An adaptation of dealing with the criminal “justice” system, or attrition of those that don’t from contempt, sanctions, etc?

  4. It’s unfair. That badge should have been mine! (Formulating class action based on religious discrimination even as I write…)

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