A College-Bound Teenager’s View of the US

So, here’s how a college-bound teenager I know views the United States of America.

Blue: Acceptable states in which to attend college.

Red: Too hot and/or higher risk of being lynched.

Green: States populated by clones of Larry the Cable Guy.

Gray: Those states have colleges/universities? Who knew?

Pink: Areas where people do not use deodorant.

Burgundy: Will consider, but only for a very sweet, incentive-laden deal.

Orange: New England, which looks like the corner of the US where lint collects.

Neon Green: New Jersey, one big cesspool.

Black: An imaginary state, created on paper to allow for an even 50.

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6 thoughts on “A College-Bound Teenager’s View of the US

  1. Tell your friend North Carolina should be either Red or Green. Bad. Ohio should be blue, just aim for a major city like columbus, cincinnatti or Dayton

    • If Duke were in Ohio, I’d agree to switch the colors. Though, admittedly, I’ve always considered the University of Dayton to be the Harvard of Dayton.

    • I find several of the universities within orange to be intriguing, including both MIT and Brown, but my opinion does little to sway his view of where lint collects.

      Interestingly, Cornell has been garnering household interest, particularly with a precocious little girl who loves the thought of being a veterinarian.

  2. See attached article that my wife showed to me yesterday (she’s a veterinarian). Other than the doom and gloom picture that it paints about debt, the thing to be gleaned from it seems to be … regardless of where she goes to undergrad, set her up for in-state tuition to at least one vet school. As there are only about 28 of them in the US, she’s going to have a map with lots of holes in it.

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