Need Help Remembering My Passwords


I recently changed my password, and I followed everything the geeks say I should do to make it as safe and secure as possible. However, I’m going to have a hard time remembering it. Please help in this endeavor. I’m posting it here, but only for my friends and family. That way, all of you fine, honest people can help me to remember it.

According to what I’ve read, it is easier for a thief to break-into my office and steal the sticky note from my desk than it is for them to access something I’ve posted online in the cloud. Anybody with malicious intent is strictly forbidden from accessing it or using it for purposes that I do not expressly permit. I mean it. Grrrrrr.

In fact, I’ve copyrighted the password. See the little © thingie at the end? So, that means you can’t (and won’t) use it for purposes I don’t like, or so I read recently on the googles. I’m sneaky that way.

With that said, my new password is:


According to what I’ve read, it would take hackers a gazillion years to crack this code, so I feel pretty confident.

Thanks a bunch for your help,



5 thoughts on “Need Help Remembering My Passwords

  1. This is so helpful! You need to submit it to the Onion as a guest editorial.
    Without this advice I’d still be using my super-sneeky “Pa55w@rd” on every site.

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