Manning Update

A few things learned yesterday about the Bradley Manning court-martial.

1. The judge awarded him 112 days credit for illegal pretrial confinement conditions while housed in the Marine Corps brig. This will be added to the day-for-day credit he will receive for all pretrial confinement. If he ultimately receives a life sentence, it really doesn’t help too much, aside from maybe moving the date when he could be considered for clemency/parole of some sort. Either way, the ruling doesn’t hurt. Interestingly, the judge did not release her written decision. Conspiracy theorists everywhere rejoice at the empowerment granted by the lack of transparency.

2. Apparently, the animators from the cartoon “South Park” are now moonlighting as courtroom sketch artists.


Army Scott just notified me that the courtroom artist is the subject of intense discussion within Army JAG offices.


3 thoughts on “Manning Update

    • Wow.

      If there’s a story behind those drawings, you are obligated to share. Yes, obligated. I think the 3rd Amendment has some little-used proviso that relates to your obligation to disclose such info to this blog.

      • The drawings speak for themselves. I caught them when they first started hearings in Manning and now I can’t stop looking at them. I’d like to get a few prints. I think they’d add a certain something to any law office.

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