Big Fat Losers

Yep, that’s us.

At the ABA Blawg 100, we finished abysmally in popular voting in the “Trial Practice” subcategory. Nonetheless, thanks to the 16 fine folks who did vote for us. The winner was “The Velvet Hammer” blog, with almost 10x as many votes. We feel horrible (See Note 1), ashamed (See Note 2), and dirty (See Note 3).

Knowing this, expect big changes here, starting with our name. In order to compete with the likes of “The Velvet Hammer,” we are changing our name from “Unwashed Advocate” to “The Dialectical Penetrator,” with the slogan “The legal blog that doesn’t pull-out until the final verdict.”

Screen Shot 2013-01-06 at 3.31.28 PM

Note 1: Not really.

Note 2: Absolutely not.

Note 3: Yes, always.

Additional Note: “The Velvet Hammer” is trademarked by the owner of said blog. It is mentioned here merely for newsworthy and humorous effect. It is not used by us for commercial or monetary gain. God this trademark shit is a pain in the ass.


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