Hey Texas, Dissent and Vote for Bennett

I don’t like the idea of popularly-elected judges. However, until we stop doing such stupid stuff, you should still elect the right people.

So, Texas voters, take a first step. Elect Mark Bennett to the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, Place Seven.

Do it because he is nonpartisan.

Do it because he cares about your rights (and maximizing them to the fullest extent of the law).

Do it because he is willing to do the right thing, even if it causes him a great deal of personal discomfort.

Do it because he is willing to appear at a transit board meeting to advocate for your rights, even when they only give him 12.7 seconds to talk (attribute all exaggeration on time to me, not Mark).

Do it because he knows what it is like to build an ethical, professional practice that focuses on helping people.

Do it because he has many passions, but allows none of them to cloud his judgment.

Do it because he is smart, and very well-educated.

Do it because he understands the proper use of hyphens.

Do it because he understands that even the most wretched of us deserve certain liberties, rights, and due process.

Do it because he understands that the decisions of criminal courts of appeal can change the freedoms we enjoy.

Do it because he refuses to suffer fools.

Most of all, do it because he wants to work, in blue collar fashion, to make Texas a better place to live, and fair.