Scaring Children on Halloween

I’m OK with a bit of fright on Halloween. You know, a scary costume, something jumping out unexpectedly, or leftover Peeps from Easter.

However, having my children ponder their own death and facing the possibility of some absurdly hard-to-please god flippantly sending them to hell was not what I had in mind.

(Pictures taken from a brochure put into my kids’ bags during trick-or-treating.)

Just so you know, all kids need to do to avoid being told “See-Ya!” from Mr. All-Knowing-All-Powerful-And-All-Loving Guy and sent to the furnace is to believe wholeheartedly in the description of his son endorsed by the makers of this pamphlet. And, apparently imitating Rodney Dangerfield in Caddyshack is also frowned-upon.

Everyone else? Pack burn creme.




7 thoughts on “Scaring Children on Halloween

  1. What a cliff hanger … is there an answer? Please don’t leave us hanging. I’ve never stolen anything either. I thought that was enough.

    • Being a good person is certainly not enough. Helping people? Not necessary. Charitable works? Not on the list. Just say you believe in what they want you to believe and you’re in. It’s not about actions. It is about belief.

      But, in your case… Well, perhaps you should enjoy life. I don’t see promising things after that.

    • You live! I was worried.

      It is even worse than the stale popcorn balls made with Karo syrup from the little old ladies in my neighborhood as a kid. You know, the ones that taste like they were made with angry.

      It was all good fun until my little one read it and became upset at the thought of the whole family going to hell, which, according to its logic, will happen.

  2. I’m still thinking about this one.
    When Jesus said that anyone who harmed one of these little ones, better he should be cast into the sea with a millstone around his neck –these folks have just got to be on that list.
    Is everything OK? Sometimes you just have to explain the concept of KOOKS.

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