Military Deployments: The Music

No, this will not contain sappy reminiscences of past deployments. I have none. My deployments, all prior to 9/11, are decidedly mundane and devoid of anything sappy.

However, two memories that I’ll share with you.

First, Germany.

I was never stationed in Germany, but I did stop there while traveling other places. At one point, I was there for the festival of Fasching. I don’t know much about Fasching, but I do know that the local biergarten was alive with activity, and beer.

Traditional music was played along with a few more (apparently) contemporary songs. However, the crowd howled with excitement when this song began. I went with the flow. Everyone sang along. I sang along. Sort of.

(Ignore the green bar. No, I don’t know what it says, and I don’t care.)

Second, Saudi Arabia.

While we stayed in tents during our deployment to Saudi Arabia, each had numerous creature comforts, including televisions. However, TV services were contracted, meaning that we were able to view only a few channels, Armed Forces Network (AFN), some sort of Indian soap opera channel, and Indian MTV.

Nobody likes soap operas, so that channel was out. AFN was only good for watching Rasslin’ on Monday night. That left Indian MTV. We were privileged to arrive after one of India’s most popular artists, Daler Mehndi released his magnum opus, Tunak Tunak Tun. It played constantly.