They get the business, and I get the lulz.

Many of my potential clients are fishing for an attorney with big, wide nets. Some want the cheapest. Some want the best. Some like shiny, fancy websites. Some rely on referrals. Some want an old man attorney. Some want a pretty female attorney. Some want guarantees. They are all different.

Some keep my number in their phone, even when they eventually choose another lawyer. Today, one of those former potential clients left a message on my machine in the belief that their chosen attorney worked in my office (I’ve never heard of her). Here’s the transcript, sanitized to protect the wonderful folks involved.

Hi. My name is __________. I’m trying to get ahold of _________. She’s my attorney for court. I’ve been trying to get ahold of her since this thing started. She won’t answer my phone calls for months now. Please, please, please call me at…

I called him back within minutes of the message. He was frazzled. I explained that I was not his attorney and had no idea of the whereabouts or identity of his attorney. He then realized that I was the guy he did not choose. He apologized for the erroneous call.

I wished him well and hung up.

While I don’t think much of his lawyer, I do hope she succeeds. For his sake.

One thought on “They get the business, and I get the lulz.

  1. Whenever someone argues that clients “aren’t that stupid” that they could be fooled by deceptive marketing, they should remember this post. While some are exceptionally smart and aware, there will always be a guy like this, who doesn’t have a clue who he retained. Even guys this like this are entitled not to be deceived.

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