Bill Nye – Driving The Caddy, With Science

Occasionally, I have cases that I sell with logic. Science, if you will. I trust that my arguments are more logical and reasonable than my opponent’s.

Similarly, I have some cases that I try to sell with far flung ideas that rely upon faith–the ability to connect two unconnected things with a hunch or unproven theory. Occasionally, the hunches and theories used to facilitate connections are borderline insane. I gotta do what I gotta do in the interest of representing clients.

For the former, I welcome logical, scientific thinkers as jurors who will analyze the facts in a cold, calculating, logical fashion.

For the latter, I’m looking for true believers. Scientists need not apply.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that scientists are wrong for the latter. They might be completely right, from a certain perspective. They just aren’t good for my case.

Even when I’d rather they stay home from jury duty, I tip my hat to their abilities and perseverance.

So, here’s to my favorite scientist of the day for being a true teacher–smart, learned, and gutsy. To say something like this in today’s social climate, you’re every bit a man in my book. Bill can drive the caddy at his will and pleasure.