Is This Really What We Expect?

Do we really expect our high schools to create hordes of one-trick-ponies?

Recent conversation between a friend and I:


Friend: I heard the high school football games here are cool, you should come with us.

Me: I’ll already be there. My son plays.

Friend: Really?

Me: Yes, he starts on offense at tackle. He played every down in the first game.

Friend: But, I thought he played clarinet.*

Me: …


*Yes, he does play clarinet, and baritone saxophone, and bass guitar, and rhythm guitar, in addition football and baseball. He also scored a 33 on the ACT. I find that none of these things exclude the others.


2 thoughts on “Is This Really What We Expect?

  1. In the world focused exclusively on creating a college resume, there is only one box for extra-curricular activity. It can be a musical instrument. It can be a sport. What it cannot be is fun, and done for its own sake. That would render the checklist obsolete and make the grocery clerk wielding it very unhappy.

    Don’t break the rules. We’ll be watching you closely.

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