That’s My State, And My Law School

Chad Gaddie is always quick to remind me of dubious honors achieved by my Kansas peeps, especially those who matriculated from the University of Kansas. He, being a University of Missouri graduate, must dedicate part of his workday to such endeavors.

Today, he hit a seam of Mizzou fan gold–courtesy of Congressman Kevin Yoder, KU undergrad and law alum. Via wikipedia:

In August 2012, it was reported that during a fact-finding trip to Israel, estimated to have cost $20,000 and funded by the American Israel Educational Foundation, a group related to AIPAC, the pro-Israel lobbying group, Yoder, after a night of dining and drinking in a Tiberias restaurant, stripped naked and dived into the Sea of Galilee in front of other members of Congress, along with their families, and staffers.[17][18] In a statement to Politico, Yoder confirmed the report, and apologized to his constituents for any embarrassment he might have caused. The FBI investigated the incident to see if any inappropriate behavior occurred, but no formal allegations have been made.

But, really, who wouldn’t want to swim naked in the Sea of Galilee, especially if you were voted one of the “Hottest Freshmen in Congress?” Am I right? Of course I’m right.

On a related note, I’m pleased to know that the FBI is spending time and resources to investigate this matter.

An aside: It should also be noted, given UA’s recent decision to profile some of the more noteworthy voters in America, that Congressman Yoder holds both a vote as a citizen and as a member of Congress.


4 thoughts on “That’s My State, And My Law School

    • No, first he gets to vote to give himself a job, while the rest of us just get to vote to give him a job. Then, he gets to vote in the special matters decided in that big fancy building in Washington. The second set of votes do things like send money to fund things that strike his fancy, like the soon-to-be-built National Speedo Museum in Colby, Kansas.

  1. Check out the Wikipedia entry. Evidently a couple other little issues with him that a Misery fan could dig into. Not as embarassing as this, but still odd.

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