Leadership When It Counts

Leadership is easy when times are good. Everyone is happy. Throngs of fans laud the prosperous and enjoyable circumstances. Life is good, and you feel like a hero.

Leadership in bad times is torture, sucking the happiness out of every room in which you dwell. You long for a cave or small hole as cover and concealment.

Via USAToday.com’s Mike Lopresti regarding recent decisions by Penn State on the legacy of Joe Paterno:

So [current Penn State President] Erickson left people on both sides unhappy, which, in a controversial firestorm, probably means he made the best decision he could.

That’s leadership. At times, it sucks and seems hardly worth even the largest of state-paid paychecks and tenure.

Everyone wants to be a leader when smiles abound and pats on the back are plentiful. A slight few are willing to deal with adversity. We need more of the latter in this world, for the former are a satire upon any definition of leadership.


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