Got Security?

So, suppose you use the cloud and various web-based services to manage your practice.

Also suppose you take a fairly hot-button case such as representation of an alleged war criminal.

Now, suppose that the alleged war criminal cuts a deal with the government. It gives a little and takes a little, just as most deals do. You worked hard for it as his attorney, and your hard work paid dividends.

Hackers, upset when they discover that the outcome favors the alleged war criminal, go nuts with your practice’s cyber presence. Essentially, it is a raid of your cyber underwear drawer. You lose oodles of email files.

Where does your practice go from here? Some people might be pessimistic and predict death for your firm.

Those pessimists? They might be right.

I don’t know either of these lawyers, but that’s a damned shame.

I hope you all have fantastic passwords, and never forget that legal pads aren’t hackable online.


One thought on “Got Security?

  1. Eh, you can say the same about an email account, though. I’d rather trust that stuff to the security team at Google, Amazon, or Apple than a network server stored in my office, serviced by “some IT guy.”

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