You Can’t Handle The CLE

Where was this when I was securing my 12 hours of Continuing Legal Education (CLE)(10 regular, 2 ethics) this year? (typed from the brochure I received today)

Film and Law Series:

“The Social Network”: CLE Credit: 8.3 Missouri, Kansas Applied For

“The Lincoln Lawyer”: CLE Credit: 8.3 MO, KS Applied For, 1.0 ethics

“My Cousin Vinny”: CLE Credit: 9.0 MO, KS Applied For, 2.7 ethics

Description of Series: Enjoy a movie and earn CLE credit! The $245 registration fee includes lunch. Attend two films at the discounted price of $395. The registration desk will open at 8AM and the seminar will conclude at 5PM.

So, let’s recap. I can get all but 3 of my required Kansas hours (plus all of my ethics requirements (with .7 to spare)) by watching “My Cousin Vinny” and talking about it for a few hours.



2 thoughts on “You Can’t Handle The CLE

  1. As a third-generation attorney, this would have shocked me, in my Ute. But, hey, at least “My Cousin Vinny” is recognized by the Kansas bar as the heavyweight masterpiece it is!

    ( “The Lincoln Lawyer”? If you hadn’t read the book you wouldn’t even know Ryan Phillippe’s character was the mother-raper! NO ETHICS CREDITS. For shame, Kansas bar!)

    I’m sure glad my son isn’t in the family profession (if you can still call this a profession…).

    Next year you can probably just write a check and skip the pretense.

  2. “The Film and Law Series” gives credence to why CLE is really just an acronym for “Cerebrally Limiting Event.” $395 to watch movies for CLE credit? Seriously, with content like this, how can anyone keep a straight face? Most of all, this is why I post so much “Free CLE” at “The Irreverent Lawyer.”

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