FBI vs. Cheese

This is a post about the FBI and Cheese. No, not the same cheese from “The Cheese Stands Alone” which caused a resumption of my Xanax habit. This is a different story, and I think the second-grader who drew it wanted to illustrate why some law enforcement have finally run plum out of patience. Read and learn.

The Cheese

A person sees Cheese ON THE FLOOR!

Call the FBI! Cheese is on the floor!

The FBI arrives!

They detain Cheese!

The FBI attempts to interrogate Cheese!

During interrogation, Cheese slaps the FBI!

Cheese drinks something.

Cheese grows huge!

There you have it. I think this explains a lot about law enforcement, all from the perspective of a 2nd grade student.


4 thoughts on “FBI vs. Cheese

  1. That. Is. Epic. I think I spent most of the second grade in the principal’s office. So need to get this kid a scholarship to law school.

  2. Just realized that “the cheese stands alone” is the last stanza of Farmer in the Dell. The things you learn when you have a two year old and listen to nothing but kids songs in the car.

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