Here we go again, dodging the Google artillery shells as they impact on and around UA. These are just some of the search terms/phrases our esteemed readers used to reach this wonderful oasis of internet excellence.

cow skull bow tie – I’m glad to see that my neighbor is finding me on the tubes.

military porn star – The tease is back. Who? WHO? You must tell me who!

how to stop patent leather shoes from crunching – Leave this blog and never return.

touro law school piece of shit – Not touching this. Not touching this. Ignoring it. Ignoring it.

should lawyers use esq – Only if the self-importance monster needs feeding.

basic training soldier crying – Nowadays, most do.

using esquire to refer to yourself – Seriously, you really are jonesing for some importance, aren’t you?

stolen valor cases eagle scouts – See, I told you that Stolen Valor Act was going to be a slippery slope.

stupid texas – You must be from Massachusetts.

farting law chaponda – Proof that the strongest of convictions often make the worst laws.

sharp cheddar costume – STOP RUBBING IT IN!

do men get their shirts starched – Real ones? Yes.

what kind of uniform do you get from the army – Polyester. Lotsa polyester.

navy wife who is a swinger – Helping to extract the Seamen.

marco randazza army – I heard this too, but he’s never elaborated.

can you call the police for someone falsely wearing the medal of honor – Seriously, just do it. Then write and tell me what happens.

mark bennett contempt attorney – Something you need to tell us, Mark?

i love pink slime – Me too! It helped me grow a second ascending colon.

making your client cry in court – Did it. Because I’m manipulative.

guy tramp stamp – Seriously? Have we really come to this.

boudoir photography legal on army installations – YES! I have a digital camera.

is boudoir photography legal on military installations – I’M OVER HERE! Got my camera and a fuzzy blanket all ready!

is boudoir photos legal on army installations – Don’t make me beg.

am I too old to wear patent leather – The question is “Are you not classy enough to wear patent leather?”

gerry spence imelda marcos no guilty – Imelda, stop googling yourself.

will I make it as a solo atty – Assuming you will soon inherit a large estate from a relative, you enjoy regular ramen meals, and your idea of a groovy automobile is a Nissan Versa, you’ll do just fine.

army porn sex test during selection – If that was available 20 years ago, a friend of mine from college would already be a General.

you is kind you is smart you is important tattoo – Ummm, OK? Thank you?

fuck school I become ninja – Send resume’ immediately. You’re hired.


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