Azimuth Check: Rise of Cornmolio

Just two pieces of brain-matter that oozed out of my ear and onto the keyboard today.

The Rise of Cornmolio

I caught this little guy today. He made himself fat on grubs at the expense of my lawn for several days, but, when you’re a mole in my yard, you’re running on borrowed time.

He was initially caught sans glove, but this bugger’s energy and claws got the best of me a few times, so I went with glove option for the photo.

After having a talk with him about poor yard manners, I realized that he stood for much more than an annoying rodent. He actually has meaning in our country’s legal system, but that topic is saved for another day. Stay tuned.

All That Googling, But No Feres?

I get tons of calls from former service members who want to sue the government for alleged wrongs and injustices inflicted during their time in the military.

Their approach has become routine: “I got screwed and wrongfully (court-martialed, discharged, demoted, etc). Now, I want to sue them for the harm they caused.”

Each scoured the googles, uncovering damning evidence and unbridled support from various message boards, also populated with disgruntled former service members.

They have designs on grabbing a piece of the 100 bzillion dollar defense budget and tucking it away in a CD for themselves and their family (after purchasing an Xbox and F-350 4×4 truck).

To those wonderful folks, I have two things to say:

1. I am not a personal injury attorney. I could’ve helped back when you were “screwed and wrongfully __________”, but not now that you’ve turned this into a personal injury quest.

2. You obviously ignored this during your infinite number of googles, but please go back and read Feres v. United States. The Feres Doctrine should answer a ton of your questions.