Man’s Gotta Have Priorities

Today, the following occurred/continued to occur:

  • Korea has a missile thingie and nuclear hopes. The launch window has opened.
  • Iran, not to be outdone by Korea, also talks nuclear hopes.
  • Syria is still doing everything they can to piss-off decent and caring people in the world.
  • Zimmerman is charged with 2nd Degree Murder in Florida.
  • A 7.0 earthquake hits Mexico.
  • A tsunami scare occurs, but luckily no tsunami.
  • We are reminded that California once had a nifty eugenics program that sterilized citizens by force in order to cleanse the gene pool of “feeble-minded individuals.”
  • Stocks rebound.
  • Charles Manson is denied parole, again.
  • Mark Bennett is a real person in the eyes of Texas Election Authorities.
  • Norm Pattis continues to push for the establishment of a KOA Kampground on the New Haven Green. (a truly spiffy example of how we all need to look outside our little niches in the law occasionally to creatively and effectively represent our clients).
  • Connecticut abolishes the death penalty. (Congrats to all you nutmeggy folks).

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