Dear Avvo (Again)

Dear Avvo:

Thanks for considering me.

My short answer is “no.”

My long answer is “hell no.”

Have a wonderful Avvoful day,




3 thoughts on “Dear Avvo (Again)

  1. What … you don’t want 7 x more people shopping you for free advice?

    Reminds me of the time that my local newspaper ran a full page story about me shortly after I moved to town. (Patent attorneys are a novelty in my rural locale). Shortly after that article was published, I started getting phone calls from people who found my home number listed in our 10 page phone book. The result of one was that I ended up spending two hours explaining to a guy why it was unlikely that the Patent Office would grant him a patent on his perpetual motion machine. First I had to explain perpetual motion, then there was the discussion of the concept of conservation of energy, and in the end I left with the distinct feeling that he thought I was a bad person for not wanting to write a patent (for free or almost no cost) on his obviously world changing invention.

    • Why on earth would someone need to pay to write a patent. I heard several online services provide free do-it-yourself services.

  2. I ask myself that same question all the time.

    When you can learn just about anything you need to know from wikipedia, what’s really the point of hiring a lawyer, or a doctor, or an accountant, or anyone who specializes in anything. Just do a few hours of internet “research” and get a few free consults and you can become your own expert. Of course that discounts any art or skill learned through years of practice, but how much could that really matter.

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