Marc Randazza, Driving the White Caddy

I realized that I made a glaring omission in my previous blog post. I never mentioned the First Amendment. Without it, how could I even tell you who gets a seat (or trunkspace) in the Caddy? It is really careless and negligent of me. So, I need to find a First Amendment champion to drive the car, because, without a driver, our First Amendment would fall into disuse and disrepair. That’s never good for a high-quality automobile.


In this day and age, there is really only one choice to drive our pristine, white, First Amendment DeVille. Marc Randazza.

There are several reasons.

Marc is unabashedly and unequivocally in support of First Amendment freedoms. His blog, The Legal Satyricon is a hodgepodge of First Amendment discord and discussion. Sure, there’s disagreement, but none of it is censored. He wouldn’t have it any other way.

Second, I can only hope that, someday, I can write as well, as creatively, and as incisively as Randazza. After reading just one of his responses, I proofread one of my own motions. I almost vomited. Bringing the latin phrase Murum aries attigit into the legal lexicon, he shows no mercy to those who infringe upon First Amendment protections.

Finally, he does something else I admire. His vocation is something he truly loves, and he enjoys every day of it. So many of us in this profession trudge from case to case and client to client. His writing and attitude betray the fact that he loves what he does. He didn’t get there overnight. Instead, what you see today is a culmination of hard work and years of practicing his craft. He is honest and competent. This is what practicing law should be about. I’m jealous, but I’m working as hard as I can to get there. Someday.


He can’t just ride-around in an empty Caddy. That would never do. So, who do we put with him? Hmmm.

I got it.


The Righthaven case is one that epitomizes Marc’s scorched-earth policy when it comes to First Amendment trolls. It is a beautiful example of how fighting for First Amendment rights is as beautiful as a Monet and as tough as a WWE hardcore cage match.

Righthaven deserves to be locked in the trunk for weeks for trying to profit from censoring others on the internet. Well, that is before Randazza nuked them off the face of the Earth.


UPDATE: It appears that others across the interwebs feel similarly positive about Marc. After writing this, I took a gander at Popehat, where they have a compendium of Randazza posts (copied below).

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