Still with the Patience of a Saint, After All These Years

I’ve talked about Colonel Charles Williams, the Garrison Commander for Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, before. Essentially, he is a sort of “city administrator” for the fort, managing everything from residential water delivery to civilian personnel systems. Essentially, he keeps the fort a pleasant and hospitable place to live and work.

Previously, I noted how he opened a Facebook page for himself and the Garrison Command as a means of sharing and disseminating information. In many ways, it became a beast of its own. For me, it is a constant source of comic relief and an indication that the man has the patience of a saint.

I’ve seen the daily schedule for a couple of different Garrison Commanders. They are insanely busy in managing endeavors that can best be described as a herd of cats. This doesn’t stop a few folks who think he has the time to sit and act as the post information desk.

A brief check today verified that it’s still going as strong as ever, and our Colonel is broadening his scope.

First, he helps the curiosity of a young lady who’s too lazy to Google “what to do if a tornado hits my house.”


Next, he assists in determining the schedule for Lent services for someone too lazy to check the Fort Leonard Wood Chaplain’s webpage.


Then, he helps a young lady who is desperate to know whether someone has been promoted to Sergeant First Class (I assume her husband, in the picture). Needless to say, her husband has access to the information via his secure Army Knowledge Online account. Finally, as the Garrison Commander, COL Williams has no influence over this process.


Next, he’s concerned about fitness, as is evidenced by his answering of this inquiry for someone who is too lazy to Google the Fort Leonard Wood gym and call the manager.


Then, he responds to an individual who is very concerned about the installation flag being flown at half-staff.


And, the same guy seems to have an ongoing, regular concern.


Colonel Williams responded with just facts. That’s just fine. Now, if I were the Garrison Commander, I’d respond as such:

Nate, I admire your interest in the flag flying at half-staff. Most people just drive-by and assume that someone is being honored or some federal holiday. They could care less. Not you. I appreciate your need for detail and understanding.

However, I must ask that you please report to the hospital and inquire as to tobacco cessation classes because that huge lipper you’ve got going can’t be healthy. It appears to have it’s own gravitational pull. In fact, I can taste the Copenhagen through the computer screen. The amount of snuff used for that one lip-full is enough to sate the nicotine cravings of some small countries. Get help, or you’ll soon have a tumor the same size as your current fatty.

Finally, always nice to see someone secure enough in themselves to wear a confederate flag hat.

You stay classy, Nate.

Most illustratively, he addresses concerns over “pink slime” in lunchroom cuisine. Mind you, the schools on Fort Leonard Wood are not controlled by the Army or Department of Defense. Instead, it is part of a local school district answering to an elected Board of Education. Once again, a simple Google search…


Frankly, I love pink slime, but you’ve gotta admire Hildie for her steely resolve. Anyway, pass the pink slime, please.

And, finally, he’s always a sure bet to help get a picture of Privates in training.



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