Reclaiming Manhood: Thank-You Notes

Real men write thank-you notes. The notes are handwritten. They are put into a mailbox after affixing correct postage. They are sent within 3 days of the thank-you-able event.

You keep a stack of them handy in your top desk drawer, ready to spring into action when needed.

No need to tell me I’m a dinosaur and dwelling in the last century. On this point, I am immovable.



4 thoughts on “Reclaiming Manhood: Thank-You Notes

    • My mom forced the issue during childhood. She was a great mom.

      Then, in college, I was required to do so after any thank-you-able event. One time, a few of us neglected to do so after a dinner at an officer’s house. He didn’t single us out, but gave a lecture to our entire class (he was a history professor) about how the little things make a difference, like thank-you notes. The next day, he received one from each of us.

      His lecture was wonderful wake-up call, and necessary.

      • The thank you note Hull sent me after taking care of his three alleged bastard offspring following his tragic kiln explosion that ended his disco career in ’79 still hangs on my wall. I cherish it.

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