Help a Servicemember / Military Retiree this Tax Season

Tell them they can have their taxes done for free at their nearest military installation. H&R Block and Jackson Hewitt like to tout their discounts, but discounts hardly amount to free. I wrote about this before. Most installations advertise these services online.

They assist with all types of taxes, even itemized returns. The only thing they do not prepare are business taxes. All they need are a few necessary tax-related documents, and the service is available to Active Duty, Retirees, Reservists, and National Guard.

A military lawyer, specifically trained in tax law, supervises each installation’s tax office and is available to assist all of his/her VITA-trained volunteers and employees. Based on my research, this is better than any Block or Hewitt branch office.

It pains me to see servicemembers paying money for tax preparation. Please spread the word.