Poll: Why did Greenfield shutter Simple Justice?

Wonder why Simple Justice died? You decide.


12 thoughts on “Poll: Why did Greenfield shutter Simple Justice?

  1. That poll was kinda long. I barely made it to the end and, even so, had to stop twice for food and water. But now that Papa G is retired, yours is the only “blawg” I read with semi-regularity. So, I’ll expect 4 new posts by 7:00 EST. Please include many typos and allow as many tin-foil hat comments as possible, so we won’t miss The Big Green so badly.

    PS I voted for Kitchen Aid. If they read this, I hope they send me a free mixer. It’s the least they can do.

    • The poll is still young. Patience.

      It’s not just your ‘stache, but the fact that it intimidates Greenfield so.

      Hang on. Let me check something… Wait a minute. You didn’t even vote for it!

  2. He got that tenure-track law prof position that he’s always dreamed of . . . now he’ll be too busy working on the tenure piece law review article – no more time for (simple) justice . . .

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