Poll: Why did Greenfield shutter Simple Justice?

Wonder why Simple Justice died? You decide.


12 thoughts on “Poll: Why did Greenfield shutter Simple Justice?

  1. That poll was kinda long. I barely made it to the end and, even so, had to stop twice for food and water. But now that Papa G is retired, yours is the only “blawg” I read with semi-regularity. So, I’ll expect 4 new posts by 7:00 EST. Please include many typos and allow as many tin-foil hat comments as possible, so we won’t miss The Big Green so badly.

    PS I voted for Kitchen Aid. If they read this, I hope they send me a free mixer. It’s the least they can do.

      1. No problem. I deposited 10% of my profits from it into your PayPal just now. Yep. Just verified. They’re there.

    1. The poll is still young. Patience.

      It’s not just your ‘stache, but the fact that it intimidates Greenfield so.

      Hang on. Let me check something… Wait a minute. You didn’t even vote for it!

  2. He got that tenure-track law prof position that he’s always dreamed of . . . now he’ll be too busy working on the tenure piece law review article – no more time for (simple) justice . . .

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