In the Army, people yell “Incoming!” when they perceive an artillery/mortar barrage is hitting their location. It is actually a drill, practiced regularly, where the first person to detect the indirect rounds yells the word, everyone falls on the ground, waits for it to end, and then runs in a predetermined direction under the assumption that more rounds are on the way.

I feel the same way when folks find me through search engines. With each flurry of searches, I hit the ground, wait for it to end, and then run in whatever direction seems appropriate. You never know what is going to happen, and you never quite know how they’ll find you. For those of you Popehat aficionados, it is similar to the “Road to Popehat” series.

Here are a few.

Old Style Black Cat Tattoo. As opposed to the new style black cat tattoo?

Pornstars in the Military. Where? Who? Where’s the link? Damn you, damn you for teasing me this way.

suffupthere. I can’t tell you where to find the stuff, but I hope it has a space bar.

Love Your Huckleberry. You should love your huckleberry very much, and take care of it, and wash it.

video sex porno air force and army. Damn you, teasers. You just don’t stop.

ethernet tattoo. Really? People get these? I guess if you’re really into your online self…

Mr. Earl the Prize Man. Looks like I wasn’t the only one who found him creepy.

is it silly to use esq after your name. Yes. Yes, it is.

butterfly tramp stamp butt. This is what tells me that I’m attracting a sophisticated, cosmopolitan crowd.

is it bad to work for a solo attorney after 1L year. If you don’t mind working for a cussing, irritable, unmitigated jerk, and if you don’t mind using an old bedside table as a desk, and if you don’t mind working for a small package of Goldfish as daily compensation, then a solo practitioner is the way to go. Knock yourself out.

in your dreams tatuaz. Why, just the other day, I said this in court.

azimuth of moon in manhattan, ks. Congratulations to Manhattan, KS! They have now discovered crack cocaine.

white bird shit on my doorstep. See, now this is why I wanted to have a blog–to help people who are truly in need. But, to clarify, was the shit white, or was it a white bird that did the shitting, or both? It matters.

evil thought of the day. Thank goodness I’ve cultivated such a positive online brand.

follow your dreams with butterfly tattoos. Well, I guess it has more practical value than a SEO guru, or a life coach.

do women like unwashed men. Why yes, yes they do. Now here’s a guy who’s on his way to greatness.