There’s Spam, and Then There’s Lawyer Spam

For the longest time, this blog was only spammed by strange overseas corporations and health-food consortiums. Now, I join an illustrious group of law bloggers who are spammed by our own kind through blog comments. Thank heavens for my spiffy anti-spam filter (which caught both of these).

Let’s start with the Mesriani Law Group who left this insightful post regarding my words in opposition to SOPA:

I mean, could you at least get sweetannie32 a email address? After all, look at the wonderful insight she espouses on behalf of your firm. I concur with her insightful and learned opinion. Though, I had hoped she’d address the fact that SOPA would also cause dogs and cats to live together in harmony.

Then, let’s move to the law firm of Waddington and Gonzalez who gave me this next gem–a cut-and-paste from the Manual for Courts-Martial. Sorry, fellas, I already own a copy of the MCM. No need to send it piecemeal through comments on this blog. Though, it certainly adds a great deal of insight to the recent issue of Marine’s urinating on dead enemy combatant bodies. So, exactly how does noncompliance with procedural rules apply to them? The floor is yours.


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