Manning Court-Martial: Heads-Up

For those of you legalish people who are keeping the Bradley Manning court-martial in the back of your minds, now is the time to start peeking at the headlines occasionally.

His case has been referred to a General Court-Martial (the Army’s version of a felony court).

“Referral” is a precise legal term in the Uniform Code of Military Justice that signifies the point at which a Commanding General/Admiral decides to send a case to court-martial. Unlike civilian courts where the District/County/State Attorney makes such determinations, courts-martial occur at the will of military commanders, and their attorneys merely provide advice.

It is significant because a judge will now be assigned to his case and motions practice begins.

Now, we should start seeing fights over discovery, oodles of motions in limine, illegal/improper pretrial confinement/punishment motions, speedy trial fistfights, venue mud-wrestling, and unlawful command influence battle royales.


2 thoughts on “Manning Court-Martial: Heads-Up

  1. You would be doing a service if you’d continue to update on Manning’s Court. Most of us have no idea how the military system functions.

    • I’ll try. Perhaps a bi-weekly update. His defense team has, thus far, been very quiet–smartly so.

      It will be easier to see where things may go once they tip a few cards.

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